Mental health is the most important issue

How to start the therapy at Wellbee?

We have good news - therapy is no longer stigmatising according to our report🙂


Book a free consultation with Therapy Guide

Choose a suitable time and book a 20’ consultation with Therapy Guide, who will help you choose the best specialist for you


Check out chosen specialist

You will receive information about the selected specialist as well as the date and time of the first session by e-mail. If you have any questions, please ask your Therapy Guide


Pay for your first online session

The price of our consultations starts at 159 pln/ 50’. Therapy Guides will advise on optimal preparation for the sessions and make sure you are taken care of!


Let’s start psychotherapy

You made your first step towards a better life - congrats! If you need help our Therapy Guides are always available. Keep it up!

Verified specialists

Do you want to choose/pick a therapist?

No problem! Check out all ours specialists and book an appointment
Przykładowy terapeuta
Dorota Bednarko
Humanistic-existential Therapist
Przykładowy terapeuta
Krzysztof Bąk
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My name is Mateusz and I am a Therapy Guide at Wellbee. Find out how can I help:
  • I will listen and help choosing the best type of therapy
  • I will help you find the therapist that best suits your needs
  • I will explain how to prepare to the first session
  • I will address all of your doubts and questions about the therapy process

Holistic support of the therapeutic process

Take care of the formalities related to the course of psychotherapy without leaving your home - all you need is access to our platform

Therapy Guide always at your disposal

He/She will assist you while choosing the therapist and make sure you know all you need about your upcoming therapy. Therapy guard is there to make you feel good with us

Exclusively qualified and verified therapists

We work with respected professionals who have proven experience in therapeutic work

Our report on the state of Mental Health in Poland

Therapy is no longer stigmatising😊

How should I prepare for the meeting?

  • Make sure you have internet access
  • Make sure you have a quiet, private space.
  • Prepare headphones with a microphone and a glass of water
  • To get more tips Click on this link

Can I resign at any time?

Of course, but if you do this later than 24 hours before the visit starts, we will not be able to refund you

Can our specialist boast an certificate?

Specialists working at Wellbee have finished at least the second year of a 4-year specialised postgraduate programme and have expertise in different fields (eg. crisis intervention, couples therapy, mood disorders, anxiety disorders). Consultations are carried out only by qualified and verified specialists.

How effective is online therapy?

There is plenty of scientific research confirming that online therapy is at least as effective as the traditional one.

Research shows, that therapy online is effective for number of problems (eg. depression, fobias, OCD, PTSD).

Research and meta-analyses indicate no difference in efficacy of online vs offline therapy