Take care of the mental health of your employees

Provide high quality wellbeing and mental health support to your employees - whenever they need it and wherever they are.

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Why should you invest in the wellbeing and mental health of your employees?


employees claimed that the pandemic had a bad influence on their mental health


of employees declare a decrease in the quality of life


employees expect mental health support from their company

6 billion PLN

could be saved by Polish companies if they provided mental health support to their employees
Source: Oracle Mental Health Report; Absencja chorobowa w 2018 roku, ZUS, 2019

Taking care of your employees means taking care of your company

For them

For them

Safely and anonymously

You provide your employees with safe and anonymous access to mental health care

Quality, speed and convenience

Access to qualified psychotherapists and other specialists anywhere and on any device.

Improved well-being and greater involvement

Employees who received support notice long-lasting positive improvements in their quality of life.

Meeting their needs

Employees often say that providing them with mental health support was one of the best initiatives implemented in the company

For You

For You

Decreased absence rates

Provide your employees with our support and reduce the absence rate by 20-50%

Decrease of turnover rate

By supporting your employees you reduce your turnover rate and recruitment costs.

Desired benefit

Take care of your employees’ mental health and offer one of the most desired benefits

Comprehensive support

We are here for you at every step of the way, including support in implementation and internal communication - we become your trusted partner.

How can we help you?

Online consultations

Your employees will gain access to a personalised specialist - a wide range of payment models: subscription, pay-as-you-go, packaged visits or co-financing.


You can implement a helpline which provides instant support for your employees, especially for employees with less digital acumen.

Crisis intervention

Quick support during crisis (e.g. accidents)

Workshops and webinars

How to cope with the pandemic? How to rest effectively? How to build healthy relationships? We will tailor the topics specifically for the needs of your organisation.

Let’s talk about a solution tailored to your company

Take advantage of support from wellbee experts and set the strategic goals of your organisation in terms of mental health of your workforce

Specialists that you can trust

Your employees have access to high quality specialists


Our specialists go through a multi-stage recruitment process


They have broad experience in solving diverse range of problems

They never stop learning

All of our specialists have necessary qualificationsa and are constantly improving their skills
Based on several research papers I can confidently say that there is no physical health without mental health. Mental health is an essential part of our success both in our private and professional life. When companies invest in the mental health of their employees, it benefits not only their performance but also their creativity, flexibility, commitment and positive attitude at work.
Sandra Pasek,

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