At wellbee we know that the start of therapy might be a big and difficult step. In order to make it a bit easier for you we would like to offer you cou

Choose/. Pick a video call

We recommend connecting via video-conference platform.Thanks to this you can see your therapist and feel almost like in the psychotherapist's office! We understand that sometimes, for various reasons, even this is impossible - that's why we always give you the option of a phone call.

For video-calls, you need relatively stable and fast internet connection. Good news is, that even 3G is enough.

You can check the speed of your Internet connection on the website. Already 500kb should be sufficient, but optimally it should be at least 1.5 Mb / s

Wellbee is using Google Meet, which doesn’t require anything to work on your computer. All you need to do is accept your browser request to access microphone and camera, when you are using Google Meet for the first time in that browser.

We recommend using a browser that is suitable Chrome. Firefox and Safari or even Microsof Edge are all good!

You can easily join Google Meet call on mobile phone if you are having issues with your computer (eg. broken camera). All you need to do is install Google Meet App from Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Remember that holding your phone for an hour won’t be comfortable so try to find a way of setting it up in front of you :)

Use headphones

For your comfort we suggest that you use headphones with microphone in this way you will not only improve the quality of connection but also make sure your privacy isn’t impeded – no third person will be able to capture your conversation.

Try to eliminate the background noise – turn off TV, radio, and close the window if that is possible. It is important that both you and the therapist feel comfortable in the setting.


Prepare a glass of water, notebook, tissues if you feel that you need them. The less time you will spend on getting ahold of those items during the session the more value you will get from the session.

Set the connection picture

For the optimal interaction with the specialist we recommend that you set up your camera directly in front of your eyes at a distance, allowing to capture at least your body from torso up. After the camera is set we recommend to turn off self-view, because it makes interaction less natural. IT is possible to turn off self-view clicking on three dots in the bottom of the screen and choosing the option "layout".