Conversations that connect - about empathic communication in relationships
20 February | 13:00
Webinar | Jan Panasiuk

Conversations that connect - about empathic communication in relationships

About the event

Communication is one of the most basic human skills. It is what has made us create highly complex social systems and collaborations on a global level.

However, we often experience a sense of misunderstanding, but the truth is that we don't understand others either. Sometimes this leads to conflicts and misunderstandings that could only be avoided if we paid a little more attention to what we say and how we listen.

We only need to rely on the empathic communication model and a few good principles associated with it to improve our contact with others, but also with ourselves. Sounds interesting ?

During the meeting we will talk about, among other things:

  • the psychological foundations of relationships - how we form bonds and why they are essential to us
  • key aspects for a relationship to be deep and satisfying
  • pillars of empathic communication - self-awareness
  • pillars of empathic communication - honest self-expression
  • pillars of empathic communication - attentive listening
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