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Pain and illness
Bipolar Disorder - symptoms and treatment
3 minutes of reading
Manic depression, also known as bipolar disorder, is a serious mental illness characterised by alternating episodes of depression and mania. People with manic depression experience profound sadness...
27 August 2023
Redakcja Wellbee - photo
Pain and illness
When a Sick Body Affects the Mind: How Do Illnesses Impact Our Mental Health? [A LIST OF TESTS]
5 minutes of reading
It’s well known that the body and mind mutually influence each other – every illness that affects us has both a psychological and physical dimension. Mental disorders have complex connections with oth...
27 August 2023
Anna Trojanowska - photo
Anxiety that Hurts. What is Somatisation?
Body and mind
Anxiety that Hurts. What is Somatisation?
6 minutes of reading
What sets it apart from physical illness is the source of the pain. In somatisation, the cause of the discomfort are psychological issues that need to be addressed. What else is typical for somatisati...
31 August 2021

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